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Welcome to YapGB main site!

YapGB is a free guestbook system written in PHP, its main features are:
  • No database needed, it uses a plain text file for storing entries.
  • Administrator login interface for deleting/editing entries.
  • Fully customizable appearance through a theme system.
  • Custom timezone.
  • BBCode and smilies support.
  • IP address logging and banning.
  • Visual confirmation code to prevent bots from signing the guestbook.
If you'd like something to be added, please let me know.

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You can find the latest news about YapGB on the news page.

Latest YapGB version is 0.7.4beta, you can download it on the download page, or you can go to the YapGB demo site where you can test it and add your suggestions and requests for YapGB.

If you'd like to know more on chmod for setting the permissions for your web files (on Unix based servers) you can check out the link to a chmod tutorial (thanks to John Woods for the link).

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