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Download YapGB

The most recent version is 0.7.4beta.
Click on the desired YapGB version for downloading it:

Latest version:
Download v0.7.4beta (recommended).
Fixes several bugs and makes available some anti-spam features being implemented for next release.

Previous versions
These versions are available just for testing purposes. YapGB version 0.7.3 and previous have been spam attacked and you're encouraged to use version >= 0.7.4

Download v0.7.3.
Adds IP address logging and banning (thanks to Martin Debef), also, confirmation code is always showed as image (even when GD library is not available).

Download v0.7.2
Corrects a small bug with allowed HTML tags. Also, lets the admin enable/disable email and url links separately. Additionally, this version includes a small "fix" that lets you include your YapGB guestbook from an external url in a frame (but not enabled by default).

Download v0.7.1.
This version corrects a small bug with confirmation code showed as text. This bug appears only if GD library is not installed, so if you've already downloaded version 0.7 and have the GD library available, you don't need to update.
Download this version if you're downloading YapGB for the first time or if you don't have access to the GD library in your host, and you're willing to use the confirmation code feature (confirmation code will be showed as text only, not really secure but may be useful).

Download v0.7.1-ansi.
Same as above (0.7.1) but files are saved using an "ANSI" charset (specifically, Windows-1252 charset).
Download this one if you have problems related to the charset YapGB uses by default (UTF-8).

Download v0.7.
This version adds a visual confirmation option, users are required to enter a confirmation code in order to sign guestbook.

Download v0.6
This version includes an admin login interface and some anti-spam options.
It also includes a moderation queue feature, but it is not ready yet (but I included it in this version so that you could test it if you want to).

Download v0.5.1
Download this version if you could not delete entries with version 0.5 or if you are downloading YapGB for the first time. If vesion 0.5 is working fine for you, you don't need it (basically version 0.5.1 and 0.5 are the same, but 0.5 does not work properly with register_globals disabled)

Download v0.5
This file includes YapGB and two themes: melody1 and gbwhite, they now include the new "smilies menu" in the signing page.

Download v0.4.2 0 hits
This file includes YapGB and two themes: melody1 and the new gbwhite, you can get more themes on the themes page.

Download v0.4.1 0 hits
Download v0.4 0 hits

Download v0.3.1 Download v0.3.1 French version by cmic (aka) Michel Marcon
Download v0.3

Download v0.21 (0.2.1)

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